I believe that education is a fundamental aspect of our world because the children we teach are the future of our generation. My job as a teacher is to not only ensure every student feels welcome and safe in my classroom, but also provide them with the best education possible to help them grow as a person and be prepared for the years to come. It is up to me, as a teacher, to constantly challenge each and every one of my students so that they are continually growing and critically thinking. My students are always unique and bring their own individual skills and assets to the classroom. It is my job to see the potential in all of my students and teach in a way that welcomes change and variation, as opposed to being closed minded and sticking to my own agenda.

Having a Tribes background, I will ensure that my classroom follows the four community agreements: attentive listening, appreciation/no put downs, the right to pass-the right to participate, and mutual respect. I believe that having these agreements and actively using Tribes in the classroom will result in a sense of community throughout the students and make them all feel welcomed. Through this community the students will feel part of a team, and be able to work co-operatively, knowing that their ideas are being heard and that they are respected in the classroom.

I have a desire to be a teacher because I believe that students need a role model in their life who will do more than just be their teacher. I want to help children, not just in learning the curriculum, but also in growing as a person and teaching them skills that will help them throughout their lifetime. Children need a teacher who is willing to adapt to the changing times, and not afraid to welcome new teaching methods such as incorporating technology into the classroom or applying the Tribes way of teaching. They need a teacher who can both be their educator and mentor. Someone who is welcoming, caring, creative in their teaching, and helps reinforce a positive environment that allows for critical thinking and inclusion amongst the students. I believe I can be that teacher.

My teaching style is best described as creative. Whether it is through music, art, puppets, or technology, I always try to teach in ways that excite the students and engage everyone. I take into account the different styles of learning, such as those who may be kinesthetic learners, visual learners, auditory learners, etc. With this in mind, I always strive to execute my lessons in different ways. Sometimes using drawings on the board, playing guitar, singing, rapping, or showing a video to assist my lesson. I also believe that summative assessment should not focus primarily on one method such as a test, but should allow the students more freedom to show their learning.

To conclude, my goal as a teacher is to ensure that every student feels welcome and safe in my classroom. The most beneficial way to do this is to apply the Tribes style of learning and reinforce the community agreements throughout the year. I wish to be a mentor for my students and help all of them grow as a person, preparing them both for school years to come and for the rest of their lives. And finally, I will not shy away from change, but rather welcome it, using technology and other creative forms of teaching to engage all of my students.

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