I have been an avid player of soccer for many years now, always trying to participate in teams when I can, and even starting my own team in the University of Ottawa intramural league. I also enjoy basketball, tennis, and badminton. Having already volunteered for soccer teams during my practicum, I hope to help out with soccer and sports as much as I can while teaching.


I have always had a keen eye for photography, and taking photos has quickly become a hobby of mine. I am always trying to find new places to take photos and perfect my photography skills. Once I am teaching, I would love to start a photography club at the school if there was not one instated already, so that I could help students develop their photography skills and explore their own creativity.


I am lucky enough to say I have travelled to over ten countries in my lifetime thus far. Going on a lot of cruises as a child, I got to enjoy and experience a lot of different cultures growing up. All of my travelling has given me an appreciation for exploring and learning about different cultures, which I plan to bring into the classroom.

Teaching Skills

I believe that some of my greatest skills as a teacher stem from my creativity and musical background. I try to use my drawing talents, creative writing ability, and singing to aid me while I teach. During my practicum I wrote a rap on hibernation and migration for my Kindergarten students, which I rapped for them multiple times and help them learn the difference between hibernation and migration in a fun and creative way. I also used a puppet who I named "Mr. Tree" to assist me in the song. My artistic talents helped me for drawing pictures with the Kindergarten students, or aiding me during lesson plans for grade 5 and 6.

What's On My Bookshelf?

Being an educator, I know how important reading is. It helps grow your imagination by allowing you to envision a world or characters that are completely fictitious. It lets us discover new things that we otherwise would not know. And it helps us expand on our knowledge of certain topics. For me, I have found myself go from reading fictitious books, to self-help novels, to finally books on how to be a great teacher.

So here are the top 3 books that I have read, in no particular order:

  1. Never Cry Wolf (Farley Mowat) - this novel was an incredible read, and gave me an appreciation for wolves and animals as a whole. Farley Mowat tells the story of his time living in the wilderness studying wolves. I think there is a lot that can be learned from this book, mainly that we should not create a preconceived notion of who we think people are. Whether it is for a book study, or for personal leisure, I think this book should find itself on everyone's bookshelf, since it has a message that I think is very important to bring to light.
  2. Teacher Man (Frank McCourt) - this book has sentimental value for me, since it was a gift from my first practicum teacher. McCourt recounts times of his teaching from when he first started teaching to his later years. There were some amazing ideas for possible lesson plans, as well as some not so great ideas to do in the classroom. What I took most from this book was that creativity is very beneficial in the classroom, and allowing students the chance to focus on a topic they actually want to learn about will result in them being excited to learn.
  3. What Great Teachers do Differently (Todd Whitaker) - I think that this piece of literature is by far one of the most important for any teacher to read. It discusses what attributes a great teacher has, and a not so great teacher. I constantly learn new techniques and strategies for how to be the most effective teacher and leader amongst my community. What I have learned so far from this book has been invaluable and I cannot wait to finally apply my new found knowledge to my teaching.
An inspirational quote by Dr. Seuss about why we should read.