Welcome all,

My name is Ian Cook, and this is my website. My goal of this site is to document my learning throughout teacher's college, from lesson plans to videos, as well as showcase my skills both in the classroom and beyond. I hope you take the time to thoroughly explore my virtual castle and find out more about me.

I recently graduated from the University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Education, specializing in primary and junior. Here I acquired the skills and knowledge over the course of two years that I think will make me an exceptional teacher. I learned how to develop lesson, unit, and long range plans, had a look at IEPs, and most importantly gained experience teaching in multiple classrooms.

As the new school year begins my excitement to get back into the classroom is overwhelming. Please enjoy the rest of my website, and hopefully by the end you have a better understanding of Ian Cook, but more importantly Mr. Cook, and how I would be a good fit teaching at your school!

Playing guitar for my grade 5 class.